The Netherlands

ZonMW - Improve diagnosis and treatment of psychotic disorder of auto-immune origin - In this project we aim to develop new methods to diagnose psychosis with autoimmune origin in order to enable specific immunosuppressive treatment of patients.

Aspasia - Autoimmune mechanisms as causative factors in schizophrenia - This project is supplementary to the ZonMW project.

ZonMW-Memorabel – Sphingolipids: a novel target in the treatment of Alzheimer Disease? - In this project we study the role of lipids and their transporters in the early inflammatory process of neurodegenerative diseases.

Hersenstichting - Characterization of a lipid dependent anti-inflammatory pathway in Alzheimer’s disease. The general goal of this research line is to investigate the role of ceramide dysregulation and neuro-inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, we aim to establish which domain(s) and function of the ceramide transporter (CERT) are required for maintaining the anti-inflammatory phenotype of microglia and investigate the relationship between ceramide dysregulation and cognitive deficits. Results from this project may open new research lines for therapeutic targets of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.